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mad_men_xlgUpdate 27 May 2012: When I first posted this in 2007, I asked the question “Where are all the Mad Women?” and tonight’s episode of Mad Men, “The Other Woman” answered that. “Finally, someone beautiful, with talent and a caring heart, takes an almost impossible step toward a career, and a life well lived.”

Here’s is the original post from October 25, 2007:

This TV series from the producers of The Sopranos has certainly succeeded in providing an opportunity for one former Austin ad man to reflect on what was happening in our little part of the advertising pond in 1971 (which is like 1960 in Austin years). Ed. Note: This was originally posted in the Reader Forum of the Daily Texan, student newspaper of UT Austin. More about Mad Men at Mad Men Mad.


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History of Media 70 and Timeline

(Note: This is a work in progress. There may be memory lapses. After all, we are becoming part of the new ’60s Generation’. Additions and corrections welcome.) Media 70 was organized in the Summer of 1968 to produce a multi-media show for the Freshman Summer Orientation Program at University of Texas in Austin. The show was designed to stimulate evening ‘rap’ sessions among incoming freshman–discussions were a key part of the orientation experience. The initial production, called Values was highly successful. Media 70 lasted until the Summer of 1971, and would produce 4 major productions and several message themed shows. At it’s peak, Media 70 included as many as dozen talented contributors. (more…)

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